The world is beautiful.

Sadly, for one reason or another, it has to be continually reiterated, that this beauty must be protected.

Our Opinion

Day by day, it becomes more painstakingly obvious that the care for the Earth is slipping, and humanity as a whole have become lazy and evermore mistreat this beautiful planet. No one is exempt from this statement. Money flooded the “great” Notre Dame, but a fraction of the amount accumulated for the Notre Dame, even scraped the Amazon fire crisis of 2019… This isn’t a political agenda, nor is this business remotely politically based, we just care for the place we inhabit and call home. It really is a tragedy to see such mistreatment popularised by the growth of humanity, and little to counter its adverse effects. If this isn’t compelling enough, think of the beings humanity classes sub to themselves, the animals, the fish even the microbes and insects, this affects them all.

As seen below, these are just some of the consequences due to our misdeeds.

Cute cat
Serious cat

Our Goal

With continued support and business, we plan to invest in land and nature reserves. One day we’d love to own multiple large plots of land, to be kept untouched, let nature reside without threat, and animals live freely. It’s sad it has to be like this, (this can’t even reverse the ill effects already made or prevent future mistakes), but it’s certainly a help. Along with this, we’ll donate 2% of all of our earnings to our chosen charity at the time. Every time you help us achieve a donation, we’ll post it here!

Along with our achievements being posted here, if you've made a recognisable difference, we'll post that here too (with your consent).

Please send all contributions to grimsbywebse[email protected]

In the meantime, if you want to support other forward organisations even more dedicated than ourselves, contribute to the effort!

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