Terms & Conditions

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of our business (digital services and products), refunds will rarely be accepted, only under specific circumstances will they be accepted. For instance, if we fail to complete your order, a refund of 95% (or more) of the initial value will be made. The small tax (~5%) will be made if more than 10 hours of work has been contributed into the project, over any amount of time. This small taxation covers a fraction of our work and still compensates you fairly. For some services we do outright deny refunds under all circumstances, this will be displayed on the products page, or directly informed to you.

Cancellation Policy

We sympathise that sometimes events may occur which can result in orders being cancelled. However, to prevent abuse we try our best to avoid cancellations at all costs. In any case, if you decide to cancel an order from us, a minimum fee of 5% (maximum 10%) of the orders initial value, will be deducted from your compensated amount.

Deposit Policy

As of September 2019, we take a 20% deposit for all orders. If we fail to complete your order, you will receive 75% of that deposit back. However, if you decide upon completion of your order than you’re not satisfied, the deposit will be kept by us, and you will not receive your product. Otherwise, if you’re happy with the end result, we will collect the remaining 80% fee.

By purchasing anything from Grimsby Web Services you agree to all of the above terms.
We withhold the right to update or remove any terms and conditions at any time.